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“Cloud” is the buzzword now a days. Specially when people talk about anything online, cloud word is there in their conversation. Everyone wants to use cloud; whether it is for hosting of a website or running mobile applications.

Cloud infrastructure is highly reliable, scalable and the most economical way to build & deploy various kind of solutions.

Astar Technologies offers Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) since its evolution for various purposes in various kind of applications designed, developed and deployed by it. By using cloud infrastructures it’s clients pays only for what they use. No unwanted extra cost and maintenance headache.

Being “Consulting Partner” of Amazon AWS it adds an extra edge to the cloud solutions designed and deployed by Astar Technologies. May it be a single cloud instance in a single region or a cloud infrastructure spread across the multiple cloud regions, Astar has developed and deployed cloud solutions for various purposes like dev & test, production, backup and high availability.

Case Studies


Multi Region cloud setup for fundraising platform -- VC Ahha


Cloud infrastructure with load balancer for scalability and redundant performance.


Cloud for different stages of a project like Dev & Test, Production, High Availability


Cloud for different purpose like cloud computing, database, big data analysis, high volume data storage, media streaming, mobile services, messaging and many more.


Our Portfolio

Some of recent examples out of many mobile applications developed by Astar Technologies